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Heirloom Sourdough

1 OZ of our 1916 San Francisco Sourdough Starter -Fresh -Liquid

1 OZ of our 1916 San Francisco Sourdough Starter -Fresh -Liquid

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Our Liquid-Active sourdough starter is used the same way as our dry starters. The only difference between liquid and dry is you can use the liquid starter to bake with in a matter of a couple days. The dry starter activation takes a few more days. 

You will receive 1 oz of our Liquid-Active heirloom starter “Sofia” along with a link to our website on how to feed her.

A good Sourdough Starter is a very important tool in your sourdough journey. With it you can make delicious sourdough breads, bagels, pizzas and so much more.

Our historic 1916 San Francisco family sourdough starter will provide you with a powerful tool on your sourdough journey. With a very lovely flavor that’s over 100 years in the making.


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